American Patriots Get BRUTALLY Attacked by ILLEGAL Immigrants Opposed to President Trump's Repeal of DACA

Posted by moku 1 year ago in News
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Five Patriots go to Chicano Park in San Diego for a picnic and viewing of the anti-American, brown-supremacist, and communist murals. A angry mob of more than 500 surrounds us and makes it necessary for the police to escort us out of the park.

After we had made plans to go to the park and view the subversive murals on public property, a lurker on my e-mail list leaked the news and it spread on social media. We decided to go anyway to see, if the intolerant leftists and Chicanos would try to stop us from exercising our right to visit a public park. Turns out they didn't allow it. They violated our civil rights. Also, the crowd put us in fear of physical injury and that is assault in California.

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