Group of children risk their lives to play chicken on motorway slip road in heart-stopping dash cam footage

Posted by The King Slayer 2019 years ago in WTF
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A heart-stopping video shows the moment two children risk their lives playing chicken on a motorway slip road during rush hour. Dash cam footage, recorded by a car heading towards the kids, shows two figures dash across three carriageways, just seconds before other vehicles fly past. At the side of the hard shoulder, a bigger group of children watch on. In the clip, the driver and passenger in the car shout: "Oh my God," as the pair dash across the motorway, clearly oblivious to the potential danger they could cause to themselves and other drivers. A woman adds: "They're being ridiculous." It is believed the footage was captured at around 5pm on Monday, September 4 in Pontefract, West Yorkshire. The video was uploaded by 'Mike' who wrote: "On the slip road between the northbound A1 and westbound M62, two children run across three lanes in front of oncoming vehicles while their friends look on." It is not known if the children continued their dangerous prank after Mike's vehicle had passed by.

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