Adults start a fight outside of a Chicago Chuck E Cheese

Posted by The King Slayer 2018 years ago in WTF
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The fight involved a group of adults throwing punches while others tried to hold the people back. Several men tried to punch each other while other women tried to stop them. At one point, two men were throwing punches when a woman intervened by stepping between them and attempting to keep them apart. The men dodged the women and continued to try and hit each other. While there were multiple people involved, it appears that the fight was primarily between two men. The 38-second clip was taken in the Lower West Side neighborhood of Chicago in 2016, but has just resurfaced. Two people were arrested at a Chicago location in the Lincoln Park neighborhood after a brawl involving more than 30 people broke out over prize tickets. The restaurant chain will close their Oak Lawn, Illinois location by December 1 after a string of violent incidents. Since 2011, Oak Lawn police have responded to more than 300 calls and made more than two dozen arrests at the restaurant. The location gave up its liquor license in 2014 in an attempt to curb the violence. Chuck E. Cheese announced its intention to close the spot after a man was shot in December 2016 while leaving the restaurant.

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