WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE? Liberal Activist Openly Threatens to Kidnap Republican Senators, Media SILENT

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Liberal activist Simon Radecki threatened Sen. Pat Toomey’s (R-PA) daughter with kidnapping at a town hall in the Lehigh Valley last Thursday night.

Audio in the above video had been redacted during the live broadcast, but reporters caught the entire exchange:

After thanking Mr. Toomey for appearing, Mr. Radecki said, “We’ve been here for a while. You probably haven’t seen the news. Can you confirm whether or not your daughter Bridget has been kidnapped?”

The ensuing four-second pause was punctuated by Mr. Toomey uttering “uhhhh,” before Mr. Radecki added, “The reason I ask is because that’s the reality of families that suffer deportation …”

The question led to Radecki’s arrest on charges of “disorderly conduct and disrupting a public meeting,” according to a report from The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

The eerie exchange sent chills through those in attendance at the town hall event:

“If you were in the room, it was one of the scariest things that I have ever been a part of,” said PBS39 CEO Tim Fallon. Even after Mr. Radecki attempted to explain his query, Mr. Fallon said, “All I was processing was ‘Oh, my God, what has happened?’ … It was perceived as a threat by myself [and] folks I have had interactions with.”

According to his Linkedin page, Radecki is originally from Minnesota and has worked as an organizer on Sen. Al Franken’s (D-MN) 2014 Senate campaign, in addition to various other liberal causes.

His Twitter page is filled with tirades against gun rights and the “white supremacists” who founded the United States:

The 2nd amendment specifically, as well of the bill of rights generally, were written from the perspective of white supremacists.

— Simon Radecki (@simon_radecki) February 26, 2017

This is not the first time that Toomey has received threats. Prior to the 2016 Senate election in Pennsylvania, vandals spray-painted hateful, anti-GOP messages on the senator’s neighbors’ homes, according to The Morning Call:

“Look out Toomey and your Neo Nazi Republicans,” one portion of the graffiti read, and on another wall: “#Americans against the Republican Party.”

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