Horrifying video shows why parents shouldn't let children sit down on escalators as little boy nearly loses his hand

Posted by The King Slayer 2018 years ago in Accidents
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A little boy who was sitting on an escalator had his hand saved thanks to a quick-thinking woman who spotted the danger . The youngster, wearing a yellow t-shirt, was sat one step behind his mother as they went down the moving staircase. The child was spotted on CCTV seemingly playing with the bristles near the right edge of the step before suddenly getting his hand stuck. He struggles to free his hand and his even more panicked mother is unable to pull him out. Luckily, a shopping centre employee who had just stepped on to the escalator spots the danger and immediately rushes back up the steps to press the emergency button. The woman - who local media in China have dubbed the "Angel in Pink" because of her colourful top - then reportedly attended to the mother and child at the bottom of the escalator.

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