BATTLEFIELD MEXICO: 5 Dead after Mexican Cartels Ambush for Policeman at a Gas Station

Posted by moku 2 years ago in War
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4 cops parked up in a gas station in Guanajuato got ambushed, all shot in their pick-up before they could react. Then other gunmen came in and shot the two attendants for no reason. On the way out of town they shot dead the female attendant at the highway toll booth, and then found stumbled another two cops on the road and they were found dead the next day. 9 bodies, just another night in central Mexico.

Surveillance cameras capture the moment of the attack.+ .

The dawn of this Tuesday 5 people were executed in gas station of Apaseo el Alto, between the Victims there are 3 dispatchers and 2 elements of municipal police, 2 more elements were deprived of their freedom and their bodies were located in a neighborhood road of Acambaro.

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