Princess town, Ghana ERUPTS Into a War Zone When Cops Attempt to Make an Arrest, Cops Brutally Beaten

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POLICE officers who attempted to arrest a man armed with a gun, were mobbed and allegedly beaten by residents in Princes Town on Tuesday.

The officers retreated without making an arrest. The suspect and the dozens of people who dealt blows and hurled insults and obscenities at them all escaped.

The incident occurred at around 9.50 a.m. when three officers – a sergeant and two constables of the Princes Town CID – were on patrol at Indian Walk.

When upon reaching the corner of Mandingo and Teasedale Roads the officers saw a man standing on the road acting suspiciously.

They confronted the suspect and began to search him.

Within seconds, residents gathered around the officers and demanded the suspect be left alone.

The Express was told that the crowd consisted of at least 35 people consisting of men, women and children.

Some of them emerged from their houses while others armed themselves with pieces of wood and steel found at a nearby construction site.

One of the officers fired a shot in the air, and the armed residents backed off.

Police said they attempted to continue their duties and while searching the suspect, a firearm fell from his clothing.

The suspect ran off but the officers were prevented by the mob from chasing him.

The officers attempted to arrest some of the crowd for use of obscene language in public, but the mob again prevented them from detaining the suspects.

After half an hour police left the scene, and sought treatment at the San Fernando General Hospital for the blows and scrapes sustained.

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