IS SHE SERIOUS!? Hillary Clinton says ‘If I had won, I would have been seen as a genius’

Posted by moku 2019 years ago in News
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Hillary Clinton has been and can be called a lot of things, but “humble” is not one of them.

During a Tuesday appearance in National Public Radio, the failed presidential candidate said she would have defeated Donald Trump in November, she “would have been seen as a genius.”

“Did you underestimate the way that your familiarity with the American public could negatively impact your campaign?” Rachel Martin asked Clinton.

“Well, I thought it was pretty revolutionary that I was the first woman to have a realistic chance of becoming president,” Hillary responded.

“So I don’t know how any woman who is not familiar to people, since we have so many hurdles to overcome, could have even been in that position that I found myself. So if I won, you know, I would have been seen as a genius, my campaign would have been as perfect.

“I understand all of that. But I’m not writing this book, I’m not talking to you about it because I’m somehow aggrieved,” she insisted.

“I don’t feel that at all.”

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