ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Dem Leader Pelosi thinks we Owe ILLEGAL Immigrants "for their patriotism, courage, optimism"

Posted by moku 2 years ago in News
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Listening to Nancy Pelosi, one might conclude illegal immigrants are actually more patriotic — and more American — than real, live Americans.

While defending protections for illegals created unilaterally by President Obama, the House Minority Leader’s rhetoric stew boiled over outside the Capitol today.

“A week and a half ago I was in Chicago and I saw this art exhibit that I was invited to see,” Pelosi said.

“It’s called, ‘And Then They Came For Me.’ And it’s about the internment of the Japanese American patriots in our country who were interred— interned into camps during World War II while their family members were fighting for freedom for America and for the world in Word War II, they were in camps,” she said of the action authorized by Democrat President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

“‘And They Came For Me,'” she repeated.

“And now, they’re coming for the Dreamers. This is something— we owe these Dreamers for their patriotism, their courage, their optimism to come forward,” Pelosi said.

“But it’s about America, too,” she continued. “What the fight is, who we are as a country. They are the manifestation of that fight right now.

“But we cannot let them come for them,” Pelosi said.

While Pelosi attempts to paint a rosy picture of the so-called Dreamers, stats show her rhetoric may be purely for political purposes.

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