Police release new CCTV image of 'Putney Pusher' suspected of knocking woman into path of moving bus

Posted by The King Slayer 2 years ago in CCTV
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Police have released a new CCTV image of a jogger who is suspected of pushing a woman into the path of a moving bus. Shocking CCTV released by police last month showed the moment the jogger appeared to knock the 33-year-old victim into the road on May 5. He was running across Putney Bridge in south west London at around 7.40 am when he appeared to push her into the path of the oncoming bus. Thankfully, the driver showed lightning quick reactions to swerve out of the way, narrowly missing the woman by inches. He then pulled over and passengers got off to help the woman who suffered minor injuries. The victim tried to speak to the jogger afterwards, but he ignored her and carried on jogging towards the north side of the river. Bizarrely, 15 minutes after, the jogger came back the other way across the bridge.

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