1,000 FURIOUS Italians Attempt to Lynch the Murderer of a 16-year-old Girl As He Laughs and Waves at Them

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Sixteen-year-old found dead after boyfriend stoned her to death during a fit of jealousy. Noemi Durini had been missing for 10 days, until her 17 year-old boyfriend confessed his crime, and revealed the location of her burial. She was still wearing the clothes she had disappeared in when, on September 3, she left home with her boyfriend, never to return.

Her boyfriend is now facing the charge of homicide, while his father is accused of complicity in the murder for allegedly aiding his son in burying Noemi, and hiding evidence. The alleged murderer now awaits further interrogations.

The Carabinieri had searched their home, where they found biological evidence of the young girl. Her boyfriend was well known for his violent manners, and was in obligatory rehab for use of light drugs. Despite having no license, the alleged murderer often drove his mother’s car illegally, and was often physically violent towards his girlfriend and friends, especially for jealous motives.

Since the beginning of the investigations, the youth had been closely scrutinised by the police. But when security tapes were found which showed the girl on the day of her disappearance entering a vehicle her boyfriend was driving (he had borrowed it form a relative), the police had little doubts left.

Noemi’s family denounced her disappearance only on September 6, as she had left home without warning in the past due to family contrasts, often erupting from her sick relationship with her boyfriend. Noemi, despite the advice of her family, refused to break up with him, even though she often expressed her frustrations and doubts on Facebook.

Upon learning the news of her daughter’s death, Noemi’s mother fainted and was brought to a local hospital. A few weeks prior to the murder, Noemi’s mother, Imma Rizzo, had denounced her boyfriend to the authorities for his violent behaviour.

The 17-year-old risked being mauled by the mob as he left the Specchia Carabinieri station, where he was being interviewed by the authorities. Upon leaving the police station, he proved the mob (over 1,000 people) by waving and smiling to them, which then reacted and tried to assault the alleged murderer.

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