Russian Cannibal Couple Who Admitted to Eating over 30 People Have Been Captured!

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RT obtained video footage and a photograph taken during a police search of the home of the alleged cannibal couple in Russia, who have been detained on suspicions of killing a woman. According to media reports, the two have eaten up to 30 people.

Media speculation on the couple being cannibals has not been confirmed by Russian law enforcement agencies.

In the video a small room is seen in an untidy state, with things strewn across the floor and furniture, and with pictures scattered around. One of them gives a glimpse of what creepily looks like a human head on a plate with oranges.

A picture taken during the search at the suspects’ apartment shows an investigator wearing rubber gloves and holding a glass jar, the contents of which are not clear.

Earlier media reports said that the couple was stocking human meat, preparing and sorting it into cans for further consumption.

The Krasnodar couple has been taken into custody, while the probe into the murder of a woman is underway. The region’s Investigative Committee says it will be looking into whether the couple could be involved in other crimes.

The two are said to have met the woman and drunk alcohol together earlier in September. The new acquaintances got into a fight, resulting in the woman’s death, according to the Investigative Committee’s statement.

The man dismembered the victim’s body, taking some body parts with him. He later took several selfies on his phone, which he later lost. A road worker found the device on the street and brought it to the police station. Using the photos, law enforcement identified the suspect and was able to detain him.

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