This is why you NEVER assault a woman ESPECIALLY in the South in public!

Posted by moku 1 year ago in FAIL!
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From Rachel Phoeng: If you're gonna lay a finger on a woman in public, ESPECIALLY in the South...better believe a good samaritan is going to intervene.

I wasn't there at the begining of it, all I heard was a man screaming for help. When I first walked over, the man in black begged someone to start filming so he can play the victim. Apparently the woman in green and the man in black are together. She added some things to the cart which triggered him to grab her arms and swung it. He grabbed her a certain way, hard enough that the man in red jumped in and held him down until the police came.

He made a scene, but as you can see by her body language, she's scared shitless of him. I asked if she was okay and she was shaking and can't barely speak to me. Sorry dude, you wanted this on video so you can call for mercy, but you laid the first finger.

Update: The man in red is an off duty officer! An off duty officer is never really off duty protecting the public. Thank you for your service!

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