SAVAGE MODE! Chinese Martial Artists Stirfries Crawfish with His Bare Hands While Standing on Swords

Posted by moku 2018 years ago in Absurd Asia
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One brave street vendor drew the attentions of a large crowd at a local seafood festival by using his bare hands to cook a famous Chinese staple.

The master cook wowed assembled tourists at the first crayfish festival in Zhangjiajie, Hunan province, north China, according to People's Daily Online.

With a six-foot-wide wok in front of him, Tang Chenggang tossed hundreds of crayfish into the air, showing unique skills and drawing coos from the crowd.

Festival goers cheered and took videos as Tang showed his unburnt yet smoking hands to the group at the local national park.

He told assembled reporters at the festival: 'The oil is not too hot. It's about 110-120 degrees', allowing him to perform his remarkable feat.

Afterwards, hundreds of tourists had the opportunity to taste the fish he had cooked and many took the chance hungrily.

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