NOT HAPPENING! Animal Rights Activists Attempt to Stop a Religious Ceremony in Israel and Pay the Price

Posted by moku 1 year ago in FAIL!
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Several animal rights activists protesting nearby a chicken slaughterhouse, were assaulted by residents in Hadera (central Israel). About 6 of the activists were lightly wounded in the incident Thursday night, in which residents in Hadera began throwing sticks and other objects at the protesters who came to demonstrate against the pre-Yom Kippur Jewish folk custom of Kapparot in which chickens are slaughtered as a way of purging sin. During the incident a fire extinguisher was also hurled at the protesters. "We came to demonstrate against the despicable and barbaric practice, which is also opposed by rabbis," recounted Tal Gilboa, founder of the Israeli Animal Liberation Front. "Within a minute, we were attacked. One of the attackers sprayed foam at us from a fire extinguisher, and later he also threw the fire extinguisher at us. Even after we went back, they continued to attack us.”

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