Shocking moment woman pushing pram maces man in the face

Posted by The King Slayer 2018 years ago in CCTV
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Astonishing footage has been released of a mother abandoning her child in a pram by the roadside to brawl with a man outside a store - before macing him in the face. The video, which is time stamped July 25 this year, was uploaded to Facebook with the caption 'Just another day in Melbourne.' A mother and a man start squabbling on the footpath before the woman begins to slowly move towards her child, who is sitting unattended in a pram two metres away.The man points accusingly at her, as though shouting something argumentative, which snaps the mothers attention back in his direction. He moves incredibly close to her face, causing the woman to lash out and hold his neck in a strangling motion. An all-out brawl ensues, moving into what appears to be a Priceline store, with a friend of the man's attempting to pull the pair apart. Store attendants are no where to be seen as the duo rumble knocking over a display stand as they fall about in the entryway. Just as the man moves to walk away the woman reaches inside her handbag for an aerosol can and begins to mace him in the face. It is not clear if it's a poisonous substance, hairspray or deodorant. The woman goes back to her child in the pram and tosses the can at the man's head. The footage ends at this point in the video with both of the assailants walking away in the same direction. Facebook does not make it clear who the individuals in the video are or whereabouts in Melbourne the footage was taken.

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