Catalonia Police Attack Loyal Dog Protecting Injured Owner

Posted by The King Slayer 2018 years ago in Police videos
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Catalonia riot police turned on a loyal dog that refused to leave its owner’s side as he was dragged along the ground amid violent scenes outside a polling station today. Shocking footage of bloodied voters has been coming out of Catalonia throughout the morning with riot police taking to the streets amid a bid to stop the “illegal” independence referendum. The latest incident, which was filmed by a member of the public, shows armoured cops manhandle crowds of people and even target a dog that refused to run away from his injured owner. The chaos unfolds as a large group of riot police tackle voters outside a polling station in Catalonia. Throughout the clip people are seen being thrown to the ground as the line of police surge towards another group of people. As bystanders get caught in the rush, one man can be seen being trampled on the floor alongside his loyal companion. While many other dogs would bolt away from the scene this pet stays with his injured owner, before being forcefully pushed away by masked cops. As the shocked and dazed owner eventually frees himself from the crowd, another officer can be seen helping him to his feet. As the man attempts to escape the danger he watches on as more people are seen being thrown to the ground around him.

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