Intoxicated Female Driver Trying To Return To Vehicle After Crashing & Splitting 2 Utility Poles

Posted by The King Slayer 1 year ago in Drunk/High
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"THANK GOD SHE'S ALIVE" Not the way I wanted to start my Monday and the 1st day of August. As I'm driving southbound on a local roadway I witnessed a vehicle traveling northbound car completely driving on the SIDEWALK at a high rate of speed. I watched the vehicle crash into a wooden utility pole splitting it and dragging it at least 100ft. The vehicle continued on northbound and I stopped my vehicle completely in shocked because I knew what was coming next. It then crashed into a cement street light pole causing it to completely crack at the bottom and fall to the ground. Sparks and fire were shooting from the wires so I resumed driving south and made a u-turn because there was a raised median separating the northbound/southbound lanes. Once I arrived back to the crash I saw that the driver was a young female. I asked her if she was ok she said yes, and she's the only person in the car but had been DRINKING. I told her not to exit the car because of the live wires surrounding it. I had already called 911 and was informed to try and safely remove passengers from the vehicle without causing harm to myself. Once outside the vehicle I could smell the strong scent of alcohol on her. Her entire face was covered in blood, however her main concern was calling her parents because they were the owners of the car. She kept trying to go back and search for her phone. I had to physically restrain her from going back to the crashed vehicle. Police and paramedics arrived shortly. I gave a statement to Delray P.D. They shook my hand and commended me on a good job keeping her safe from being possibly electrocuted to death. Then one of the paramedics approached me and told me the driver was going to be ok but she wanted my name and phone nunber and then told them to thank me for saving her life. I got in my car and drove off very saddened. Let's look at the bigger picture here. Supposed there were early morning joggers, or working people going to catch the public transportation using that very same sidewalk? What if the second concrete pole that split at the bottom had landed on a passing vehicle. The outcome would have been far more tragic. She would have mauled any person in her path to death. I would have witnessed innocent lives being take away by a SELFISH STUPID DRUNK DRIVER! This woman was so heavily intoxicated if you listen to her voice in my video she actually thought she had hit my car. She kept apologizing to me. Remember drunk drivers are so heavily intoxicated and their body relaxed rarely do they suffer the worst of the injuries or deaths involving car crashes. I'm glad I was there to help her and that she made it out with only a few lacerations and bruises. The sad thing is because there were no other cars involved she's only facing dui, reckless driving charges and a nice FAT bill from the city of Delray Beach and FPL to repair the damages she caused. *We need TOUGHER laws for drunk drivers. I personally know of people who have not had 1,2,3 but 4 dui charges and never spent 1 day in prison. Why? Because of the power of money. As long as you afford a hot shot lawyer you'll get off. It disgusts me and after witnessing what I did this morning I have great pleasure and no problem saying "DRUNK DRIVERS ARE SELFISH IGNORANT PEOPLE" and every single one of you who do are a MENACE TO SOCIETY...

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