Heartstopping Moment Toddler 'Drives' His Dad's Car Into A Canal

Posted by The King Slayer 2018 years ago in CCTV
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A toddler 'drove' his dad's van over a 50 foot drop and into a canal - and miraculously survived. The boy, who was in the van as his parents unloaded goods from the back, was dragged from the van as it floated in the water His dad Mr Zhang had pulled the van’s handbrake but left the car in first gear and the keys in the ignition. The curious son started the engine, just as he had seen his dad do many times before. CCTV footage shows the child's panicked parents racing towards the front of the vehicle, but it was too late and it went over, what has been described as a 50ft drop. The van slammed through a parapet and launched over the concrete embankment into the waters of the canal below. Local authorities who were called to help said the van was carried some 200 metres downstream before villagers jumped into the canal and freed the boy, who was fortunately not harmed. The van was later brought back onto land with the help of a crane.

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