INSANE Angle Shows What the Las Vegas Mass Shooting Looked like from the Ground View As Chaos Unfolds

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Las Vegas Sheriff Joe Lombardo has said the death toll has increased to 58, and there are now 515 people injured.

The number of people that have died associated with this event has increased. It may be 59, Lombardo says, as hospitals struggle to treat the sheer number of people injured.

The Isis claim of responsibility for Las Vegas shooting appears to have been first published on Amaq news agency, an ISIS communication channel which has seen many previous such statements. We need to be very prudent assessing this one. The profile of the attacker alone urges extreme caution, and US officials have already said they have no evidence of any link to the group.

Until around a year ago, Isis claims tended to be reliable. The group used carefully calibrated wording to indicate its degree of involvement of the group, and, if there was some exaggeration, there was limited outright fabrication. The group often provided proof of its involvement through videos recorded by attackers before an incident.

Isis also started quoting “security sources”, which are thought by security officials to be close friends or relatives, contacted by the group, who confirmed an individual’s motivation and loyalties. Sometimes of these appear to have been “interviewed” by Isis after an attack to back up its claim.

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