Brave woman pulls out a knife and fights off smirking attacker who tried to pin her against a wall

Posted by The King Slayer 2 years ago in CCTV
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A brave woman fights off a terrifying attacker by pulling out a knife after he pins her to the wall. Chilling CCTV footage shows the smirking thug launch himself at the women as she desperately tries to fight him off. The encounter happened in a block of flats in Moscow, and the cigarette-smoking man is seen throwing several blows as he tries to pin her against a wall. The woman, named as Anna in Russian media, was followed into the lobby of the building by the man, who has not been identified. After cornering her, he is seen leering at her as he blows smoke in her direction before grabbing her and slapping her in the face. The victim pushes him away each time, and the pair are seen tussling in the security camera footage. Reports in the Russian capital state that the man fled, and it is not known if police were contacted. After seeing the video, one person, identified as 'Vozmusheniyu net predela' wrote: "What a bully he is. Hope he gets caught."

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