President Trump Slams Hillary Clinton Backer, San Juan mayor, TO HER FACE For Politicizing the Hurricane Catastrophe

Posted by moku 1 year ago in News
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The mayor of San Juan happens to be a major Hillary Clinton backer, and she also happens to be the sole reason a lot of people in San Juan are still incapable of receiving aid. According to police the mayor is willing to let people die in order to score political points against Pres. Trump after she ordered the police and truckers unions to refuse to deliver aid from the Trump administration.

The president decided to take her on face-to-face and she had absolutely nothing to say in response until after the meeting when she decided to go over to MSNBC and bash the president yet again after claiming she what and politicize the event.

It looks like Hillary Clinton and her supporters don't fall far from the same tree. Absolutely despicable human beings who are staging photo ops and waist high water according to police in order to seem as if they're doing something.

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