Billionaire Hillary Clinton Donor, Harvey Weinstein, Claims Liberal Actress Ashley Judd Is Part of a Right-Wing Conspiracy against Him

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Harvey Weinstein believes the allegations of inappropriate sexual behaviour against him are part of a right-wing 'conspiracy' to take him down, can reveal.

The Hollywood mogul thinks that shadowy right wing forces are 'out to get me' and that he is being targeted for his liberal views.

In an echo of his close friend Hillary Clinton's notorious claim that 'a vast right-wing conspiracy' was out to get her and her husband, the Democratic supporter is making the claim to those around him - despite his admission

Weinstein believes a team of lawyers linked to conservative groups have been digging up dirt on him and that other prominent Democrat supporters will be attacked next.

The Oscar-winning founder of film company Miramax was accused of reaching at least eight settlements with women for inappropriate behaviour going back three decades in a bombshell investigation by the New York Times.

He is said to have asked Ashley Judd to watch him shower and paid Rose McGowan $100,000 under a settlement for an incident shortly before her breakthrough role in 'Scream'. was contacted by sources familiar with Weinstein's thinking hours before the story went live on the website of the New York Times.

The bullish comments contrast with the contrite statement that Weinstein issued to the New York Times in which he said that 'the way I've behaved with colleagues in the past has caused a lot of pain, and I sincerely apologize for it'.

But at the same time he has also threatened to sue the New York Times, claiming that some of their material came from private company personnel records.

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