Minnesota Man Charged After Living Alongside Decaying Bodies Of Mother, Brother For A Year!

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A reclusive Minnesota man defended his choice to live with the decomposing bodies of his elderly mother and twin brother for more than a year. Robert Kuefler’s twin brother, Richard, died first and his mother soon followed in August 2015. The grieving son went for a drive instead of watching 94-year-old Evelyn Kuefler die in an upstairs bedroom. She was dead by the time he returned, according to a criminal complaint filed this week. Kuefler said he was too distraught to alert authorities of their deaths at the White Bear Lake home. Both died of natural causes. “I am not some nut ball,” the 60-year-old maintenance worker told the Associated Press. "People think I am, but I'm not. I loved them." Kuefler continued the facade for months, fending off unwanted family members and friends from visiting by pretending in a Christmas card that their loved ones were in bad health — but alive. Police finally made the gruesome discovery in the maggot-infested home after spying a body through a window during the September 2016 visit, according to the Pioneer Press. The welfare check was prompted by a worried neighbor who noticed a disturbing lack of activity at the unkempt home in the Minneapolis suburb. Cops found the mother’s body reduced to skeletal remains, while the brother was “mummified,” court papers state. Authorities waited another year to formally charge Kuefler in Ramsey County District Court. He now faces a single count of interference with a dead body after learning he moved his brother’s body to a bathroom, the paper reported. White Bear Police Capt. Dale Hager said the misdemeanor charge will help Kuefler seek psychological help through the court system. “This is our way of introducing this case onto the court,” Hager told the AP. “We do believe his actions violated the law. Moving the body of his brother disrupted the death scene.” Kuefler denies that he needs counseling, suggesting instead that he granted his mother’s wish to to die at home.

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