MORE Violent Leftists Show up at an Alt Right Protest and Cause Chaos, FIGHT POLICE

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Spencer spoke at an afternoon event at the university’s Curtis M. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts, but cut his scheduled two-hour appearance shortened by 25 minutes after having to yell over a heckling crowd, reported.

“I feel sorry for you,” Spencer told the crowd. “Do you know how this is going to be read? Do you think this is going to be read as ‘great victory for U of F’? No, it’s going to be read as the University of Florida is filled with child-like antifa, who shout at people as opposed to talking to them.”

Moments after the speech, there were reports of shots fired near the campus, police reported.

Police arrested Colton Fears, William Fears and Tyler Tenbrink. Police said immediately following Spencer's speech, they pulled up to a victim who was on Archer Road and one of the passengers began yelling "Heil Hitler" and other chants, investigators said.

Police said the victim used a baton to hit the suspect's vehicle, and Tenbrink pulled out a gun and fired it at the victim, but the bullet struck a nearby business. Colton Fears and William Fears yelled out "kill them," and "shoot them," investigators said.

The victim was able to provide police the vehicle tag and the suspects were arrested.

Tenbrink admitted to being the shooter, investigators said.

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