CORRUPTION! Republican Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions REFUSES To Lift a Gaggle the Witness Who Would Put Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in Jail

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Shaffer notes, “There’s nothing legally holding this guy back except this so-called agreement.” He says her attorney is adamant that, “This guy has the goods, he has critical information necessary for both Congress to do its appropriate oversight role.”

He says, “Frankly, Lou, what I think the Department of Justice is afraid of and the FBI is, they are going to be shown to have taken a side and acted politically behind the scenes when factually the evidence was clear that certain members of the Barack Obama administration not only abetted the Russians taking control of a critical national resource…”

Dobbs interrupts, “No, I understand why the Obama administration wouldn’t want this informant speaking. I understand why they’ve even gone to the extent of, apparently, constructing a non-disclosure that has criminal penalties, which is to the knowledge as I understand it of nearly every attorney, never been done before. Usually it’s civil penalties.”

He continues, “I don’t understand why Jeff Sessions, the Attorney General of the Trump Justice Department isn’t lifting that non-disclosure right now and freeing this informant to tell the Judiciary Committee, the Intelligence Committees and indeed, the American people everything he knows about what is, appears to be, one of the or the most extraordinary cover ups in this country’s history.”

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