Toddler trapped in sweltering car after locking himself inside saved by firefighters in the nick of time

Posted by The King Slayer 2019 years ago in News
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A toddler was saved by firefighters in the nick of time after locking himself in a car in sweltering temperatures. Two-year-old Apollo Rubin was with his family in Florida when he snatched the car keys from his mum Sac and locked himself inside. The terrified parents told News 6 that Apollo took the keys just as the door was closed, and then begged him to open the door. A police officer was nearby and is seen trying to jimmy open a window in the footage. He was checked by paramedics and appeared not to be suffering from the effects, and was happily pictured with the firefighters moments after. Dad Ken Rubin said: "Orlando Police Department and fire department both showed up right away on the spot and helped us out, so we're very grateful they were there to help us and they're our heroes for the day."

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