Black woman sideswipes man and then car rolls onto highway while they fight

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A mother was so preoccupied during a roadside argument with a man who accused her of side-swiping his car that she failed to notice the moment her own vehicle drifted into traffic with her child still inside. Shocking video of the incident, filmed in Arlington, Texas, begins with the man she is accused of hitting asking the woman for her license and insurance information. She says: 'Take a picture.' He tells her that she's fleeing the scene of an accident, to which she responds: 'Did you call 911? Great, have them call me.' She then gets out of the car and starts yelling at the man. She walks up to his vehicle and says: 'This could have been old, your car is already wrecked.' As the two are fighting, the woman's Nissan rolls onto a three-lane highway because the woman forgot to put it in park. 'Oh f***!' she yells as she jumps into the rolling car. She then pulls a U-turn back to where the man is. She parks the car and can be heard yelling on the phone to someone, claiming that she's trying to call the police but doesn't know where she is. 'I have my license and insurance, please just call the police. This man won't tell me his name or anything,' she says to the person on the phone. He asks for her information again and they start fighting again. 'Obviously that's a scheme,' she says. The video was posted to YouTube on Saturday by Earl Jr. Glass.

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