'Crash for cash compensation hunter' sprints towards taxi and hurls herself onto bonnet before 'playing dead' in road

Posted by The King Slayer 2019 years ago in FAIL!
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This is the shocking moment a suspected compensation hunter sprinted towards a taxi and hurled herself on the bonnet - before 'playing dead' in the middle of the road. Dashcam footage shows the 'smirking' would-be victim launching herself at the stationary car in Blackpool on Sunday night before lying in the road while another driver veered round her. As she lay motionless on the floor, her furious male companion can be seen racing towards baffled cab driver Christopher Stewart and - in an off-camera incident - he claims the man raged at him and threatened to kill him. However he claims it was clear that seconds before, as the brunette reached the middle of the road, she span 90 degrees and sprinted towards the Nissan ENV200, 'throwing herself onto it and pretending to smash her head off the bonnet'. Premier Cabs driver Christopher, from Blackpool, believes her actions are an attempted 'crash for cash' scam and is thankful he had a dashcam to prove he didn't hit her. Christopher said: "From what I can remember she didn't really try and jump on it she just dived straight at the car.

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