Democrat Congressman Currently Being Investigated for Corruption Mocks Republicans, Tries to Discredit the Uranium Scandal

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California Rep. Ted Lieu (D.) ripped Republicans for conducting "stupid investigations" into Barack Obama-era scandals, waving his keys at the camera on MSNBC Wednesday to suggest they were trying to distract everyone with a "shiny object."

Amid launched GOP probes into the Hillary Clinton email scandal and the 2010 Russian uranium deal, MSNBC host Ari Melber asked Lieu for his reaction to Citizens United President David Bossie suggesting special counsel Robert Mueller should not be in charge of the Russia investigation for possible conflicts of interest.

"I think the real reason the Republicans are launching these stupid investigations is like dangling the shiny object, saying, ‘here, look at it,'" Lieu said, waving his keys. "They're trying to distract from the disaster at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and that's why they're really doing it, because they know that every week there's something really bad about Donald Trump. They want the public to pay attention to something else."

Lieu said the Democratic approach would be to "resist" the queries into these questions. He said he would demand congressional investigators look into private email usage by Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump if there was another hearing into Clinton's email conduct.

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