Gamer Attacks Girlfriend During Live Stream After Becoming Angry He Lost

Posted by The King Slayer 1 year ago in WTF
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Sickening footage of a high-profile gamer losing his temper and seemingly attacking his girlfriend while being live-streamed has earned him the sack. Li Weijun, who became famous in gaming circles under his username Vasilii, reportedly flew into a rage after losing an online contest. When his girlfriend urged him to calm down, he responded by screaming 'f*** your mother in Mandarin, asking her: "Are you looking for a beating?" He also shouted "I would kill you right now", appearing to flip a table as his girlfriend screamed. The alleged violence happened off camera, but Li's girlfriend later released a statement denying he had hit her. Li, 23, has been sacked by his team because of the terrifying outburst, and damning footage could end his career.

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