ANOTHER Group of Black Teens VIOLENTLY Assault a Family Including Their Children in Baltimore

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From the heart of Baltimore’s tourism industry, to a nightmare.

A series of attacks at the Inner Harbor have many on edge, and the victims speaking out.

Just a day after WJZ brought you a story about a New Jersey family of 10 being attacked by a group of teens at the Inner Harbor, another family shares their horrifying story.

Two attacks on the same night at the Inner Harbor. The family of the victims are only sharing their stories with WJZ.

With the holiday season just about here, it usually draws record crowds to the Inner Harbor. Some say this year, there’s no shot they’ll be part of that.

Lying in a hospital bed with no sight out of his one eye. It’s a horrifying ordeal Trashel Maye says no mother should ever have to endure.

“I am disgusted and I’m upset because my son got hurt. Not even just my son, no one should have to go through that,” said Maye.

Maye’s son is just the latest victim of yet another attack at the Inner Harbor.

The night of October 21, a Saturday night out for the 18-year-old victim and his friends, turned out to be a night of bloodshed when they were bombarded by a group of teens.

“He heard screaming, they didn’t know what was going on. These kids walked up to them, hit my son’s friend first in the back of my head, and then my son said one of them came up to him and was trying to hit him, and he was trying to move, but they got him in the eye,” Maye said.

Her son, who doesn’t want to be identified, was left hospitalized and rattled.

“He couldn’t go to school or work cause he couldn’t see out of his eye,” she said. “His eye was closed for days.”

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