LOL! Look at This Texas Man's Shirt Went on Fox News Last Night after the Texas Church Massacre by a Range Democrat

Posted by moku 1 year ago in Funny
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Mike Jordan: The NRA, Republicans, no one is responsible for this and the left keeps putting blame… Yesterday a very good friend of mine engaged the shooter with his AR-15. he ran from his home to the shooting site less than a block from his house here. He engaged the shooter with his AR-15 and he shot the guy. We know for a fact that he shot him at least two to three times. It stopped the guy. It stopped him. From that point the shooter ran got in his vehicle. My friend shot him again. They pursued and later down the road the guy crashed and that was the end of it. Right now the count is we lost 26 people that we lost yesterday in this tragedy. But there was many more people in this church… If the liberals had their way and we’re not able to protect ourselves and he was not able to do what he did think of how many more people would have died.

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