Crazed driver throws brick through taxi window as passengers gets showered with glass in terrifying road rage attack

Posted by The King Slayer 2019 years ago in WTF
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A taxi full of passengers was attacked by a crazed driver who grabbed a brick from the road and smashed it through a window.

The terrified customers were showered in glass as the man went on a road rage rampage in the city of Cebu in the Phillipines.

The cabbie had been driving his passengers when the grey SUV suddenly blocked its path.

A male driver then appeared and began kicking the driver's left-hand side window as terrified youngsters sat inside. Unsure what he had done wrong he shouts, in his native Tagalog language: "What’s the matter with you? What did I do?"

But the enraged man simply said: "Give me my gun."

Shockingly, the crazed driver - who gave no explanations for the outburst - picked up a brick from the central reservation and shattered the window, sending shards of glass flying towards the front two passengers.

The cabbie suffered cuts on his right hand while the girl filming the attack ran out into the street fearing for her life before the SUV drove away.

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