NASA publishes final amazing picture of Saturn captured by doomed Cassini space probe

Posted by The King Slayer 12 months ago in Cool videos
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NASA's Cassini spacecraft crashed into the surface of Saturn in September, after 13 years spent orbiting the gas giant.

Before it died, the probe sent back 42 individual images of the planet taken over the course of two hours. NASA's imaging scientists used the pictures to create the overall mosaic of Saturn displayed above.

The probe sent back huge amounts of data in the run up to its final descent after repeatedly diving down within Saturn's atmosphere.

"Cassini's scientific bounty has been truly spectacular, a vast array of new results leading to new insights and surprises, from the tiniest of ring particles to the opening of new landscapes on Titan and Enceladus, to the deep interior of Saturn itself," said Robert West, Cassini's deputy imaging team leader at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

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