Man ties up and burns rat alive after catching it eating his bread

Posted by The King Slayer 2018 years ago in Animals
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A horrific video, which was filmed by the man – identified only as Mr Shi, shows the defenceless creature tied up against a grate in south-west China.

The animal can be seen pulling against the restraint as it is forced fed Baijiu, a strong alcoholic wine-based drink made from rice. The alcohol usually has a content of around 50% proof. Seconds later, the man sets fire to the rat and starts to shout.

After burning the creature, Mr Shi turns the camera on himself to ‘explain’ his horrendous actions. He claims that he was ‘provoked’ by the rat, and that the animal was ‘vermin’. He added that ‘everyone catches them and beats them’. It is unknown if he will be punished for the clip.

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