UNREAL! SICK! Google/YouTube ALLOWS Ads on Videos Promoting Pedophilia, REFUSED to Remove Some Vids

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The hashtag #ElsaGate has been a hot topic along online users who are calling attention to some disturbing content on YouTube.

One mom, Jennifer Sutton, has busy mornings. As a busy mom who works outside the home, just getting that first cup of coffee brewed can be a challenge. Still, she tries to keep a close eye on what her kids are up to.

One of their favorite activities, especially during the summer months, is to watch YouTube videos.

"I like to watch a lot of YouTube," 12-year-old Dee Sutton explained, after rattling off a list of his favorite channels without pausing for a breath, before adding that he's "really, really into" Minecraft-related content.

His sister, 9-year-old sister Gracie, is equally enamored, but with cooking channels like Nerdy Nummies.

When asked how many hours a day the children spend watching these clips, they both laughed and answered, "All day."

That's why mom Jennifer was so disturbed to hear about #ElsaGate.

The hashtag #ElsaGate has gained popularity online in recent weeks, as concerned web users sound the alarm about some highly disturbing YouTube videos. These clips depict popular children's characters including Elsa from "Frozen," Spiderman and My Little Ponies, engaged in sexualized activity, violence or even drug use.

"I just can't believe that it's so accessible," Sutton said.

After spotting discussions about #ElsaGate on Reddit and Twitter, WHNT News 19 took action to investigate and discovered the concerning videos do indeed exist. They're also relatively easy to stumble upon, which should concern parents with children seeking innocent entertainment.

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