Raheem Kassam OBLITERATES The British Parliament and BBC for Fake Outrage Over a Pres. Trump RETWEET

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The well-known Brexit supporter Raheem Kassam has completely and utterly destroyed the BBC over their ‘negligent’ coverage of Donald Trump retweeting Britain First content, and he has done this while speaking on the BBC’s own news channel.

It takes a lot of balls to go and do this in their own backyard, and we can only applaud him for this!

The Facebook group Leave.EU has shared the footage with the caption:

Brexit legend Raheem Kassam takes the BBC to the cleaners in a rapacious criticism of the corrupt broadcaster’s gross negligence over Trump’s tweets.

“Every day we hear a story about President Trump’s tweets, but we don’t hear stories about real problems due to radical Islam”.

Breitbart editor Kassam slams the hysterical media reaction to Trump retweeting Britain First content, and in particular he makes the point that the concept of radical Islam itself doesn’t get a sufficient amount of coverage on the BBC.

He feels that the sheer amount of parliament time that has been dedicated to this situation is wholly disproportionate when it should have been dealt with by a simple instruction to the ambassador to just register discontent with the US government.

Instead we are all ignoring the elephant in the room here – the fact that Britain First have basically grown in popularity because so many other similar organisations have been silenced by not only the government but the wider public as well.

It is also well worth pointing out that the Twitter account of Britain First’s deputy leader Jayda Fransen has a ‘blue tick’ next to it, so in the first instance if anyone is legitimising this material it is the network.

Tommy Robinson just SLAMMED the BBC for ‘blatant racism’

We reported a few days ago that an agency was advertising a trainee vacancy for the BBC that was only open to ‘non-white’ people, and this story has received a lot of social media attention.

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