"I Don't F*ck with White People Like That" Boxer Adrian Broner Once Suspended for Racism, Currently Fleeing a Warrant, Goes Full Blown Racist with a Fan, Says it was a Joke

Posted by moku 12 months ago in News
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Adrien Broner is an asshole to his fans. A young fan requested a photo with Broner inside clothing store. Broner decided to ridicule the fan instead.

“He tried to ask me for a picture,” Broner said. “He tripping. I don’t f**k with white people. I don’t even know dude.”

“You mad, though?” Broner asked the fan. “You mad?”

But Broner later revealed he was only joking. He posted a photo onto IG of himself with the fan with a caption, reading, “This was the guy in the video smh. I just love to entertain y’all take things to serious.”

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