Muslim gets OBLITERATED By Tucker Carlson Who Claimed He's for Free Speech, Then Wants to Silence Those Who Expose Islam

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Fox News’ Tucker Carlson took on Islamic educator Qasim Rashid Thursday over free speech restrictions in Europe.

Rashid said, “People can criticize [Islam] to my face and they can do it all day and every day. That’s not the issue here. The issue here is we have a situation around the world where for example in the United States, hate crimes are at a 20-year-high against Muslims.”

Carlson asked, “Right, but is expressing dislike of a religion, or of a person…”

Rashid answered, “No.”

Carlson said, “But in Europe that qualifies as a hate crime.”

Rashid also accused Jayda Fransen, the British right-wing activist who President Trump retweeted multiple times Wednesday, of promoting “racial tension.”

The Daily Caller co-founder also asked Rashid whether he thinks Fransen is guilty of a crime for being critical of Islam, a question he couldn’t quite answer. Rashid then accused Fransen of “promoting Nazi ideology.”

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