Over 30 DEMOCRATS Accused of Sexual Assault & Pedophilia, MSNBCs Chris Mathews STILL Labels Republicans "Party of Pedophiles"

Posted by moku 2018 years ago in News
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MSNBC vet Chris Matthews warned Republicans what the partisan attacks on their party will look like should Roy Moore get elected to the Senate, and it isn’t pretty.

Moore — a retired judge running on the Republican ticket in Alabama for Jeff Sessions’ vacated Senate seat — had his candidacy derailed after a number of women came forward to accuse him of preying on them when they were teenagers.

Matthews, appearing on Morning Joe Wednesday, compared the controversy surrounding Moore to the Catholic Church’s sex abuse scandals.

“Ask any Catholic priest what it did to him when the priest scandal hit,” Matthews said. “Every priest felt vulnerable to the charge when people looked at them: are you one of them?”

“Ask the Republicans, do you want to be one of them? One of the Grand Old Pedophiles? The GOP?”

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