Time Magazine Just Named the Sexual Accusers That Is Exposing Hollywood and Democrats As the "Persons of the Year"

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Gone are the days when TIME would name a single person as its Man of the Year.

Gone are the days when TIME would use the word “Man” to describe the single person who changed the world most during the year.

TIME went full PC with its title cover swapping “Man” for “Person”, and played the identity politics game full tilt with its naming of organizations, groups and movements to signify its Person of the Year. People are now named collectively as a “Person” of the Year.

2017 is one such year, where TIME has named a group of sexual assault victims (“alleged” sexual assault victims, because a majority of cases have not been fully tied in a court of law), named “The Silence Breakers”, as it’s 2017 Person of the Year.

The list of “Silence Breakers” is an elastic list, growing by the day…the common bond is accusing someone of sexual assault.

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