Jordan on Edge after Anti-American, Anti-Israel Protests Erupt after Jerusalem Recognized As the Capital of Israel by the US

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Protesters gathered this afternoon in Amman, Jordan to condemn President Donald Trump's decision to move the American embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Nathan Templeton, an American University student abroad in Jordan, captured the images this afternoon. He says many of the chants claimed Jerusalem was stolen as the capital city from the Palestinian people. Although Templeton couldn't translate all the chants, many were in reference to Donald Trump.

"I didn't talk to anyone," Templeton said. "I was pretty afraid and I heard someone in Arabic aggressively yelling 'where are the Americans?'"

Templeton added that emotions were palpable, and children were involved. Protesters set fire to Israeli flags.

Templeton says the protest was actually organized by the Muslim brotherhood.

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