'Prisoner hit on head with pool balls in sock' in distressing mobile phone footage filmed by inmate

Posted by The King Slayer 1 year ago in WTF
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This is the shocking moment a prison inmate smashed a 'sock filled with pool balls' into another lag's head - captured on mobile phone footage shot inside a British jail.

The stunned inmate can be seen then turning on his attacker and a brawl kicks off as other prisoners stand around and watch.

The clip was filmed by Liverpool criminal Sam Walker, and shows a prisoner approaching another inmate from behind as he walks up the stairs.

The man, with long hair, wearing grey shorts and a darker coloured jacket, swings the sock at the man before a loud “clunk“ is heard and the apparently injured inmate grabs his head.

Mr Walker posted the footage - shot inside HMP Hindley near Wigan - to his Facebook page after being released from his latest stint in prison, according to the Liverpool Echo.

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