Chilling Moment A Ufo 'Follows' A Plane Over Liverpool

Posted by The King Slayer 1 year ago in WTF
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An airline passenger filmed what appears to be a UFO high in the skies over Britain when a small, bright object appeared to follow alongside the plane before suddenly dipping out of view.

The chilling video tracks the plane's journey above the clouds when the object, which resembles a very large, inflated plastic bag suddenly appears in the distance.

It is not clear what the object really was or whether the footage, captured in 2015, was doctored but it comes amid a surge in reported UFO sightings across Britain.

Eerie lights that resembled a flying saucer were seen hovering in the sky over Kent last week, prompting locals to say that it must either be aliens or Santa Claus scouting the area before Christmas Day.

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