Massive fight breaks out in McDonald's as angry group of rival women pull hair and throw punches

Posted by The King Slayer 2018 years ago in WTF
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This was the horrifying scene at a branch of McDonald's when a violent mass brawl involving rival women broke out.

Footage of the fight shows a multitude of punches and kicks being traded as numerous customers weighed in.

The video was captured on a mobile phone at a branch of the fast food restaurant in Michigan, USA, and posted on LiveLeak this week.

It is not known what caused the fracas, with a group of at least four brawlers seen slapping a woman in a red top in the face.

As she fights them off, a number of individual confrontations break out as the scene descends into chaos.

During the 40 second video, she is seen being forcibly pushed out of the door.

The mobile phone footage shows another group of three women pulling each others' hair and landing slaps.

Two of them continue to lash out at each other as they fall to the ground.

According to the caption, it was taken at a restaurant in Berrien, Michigan, but no further details are given about whether any of those involved were arrested.

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