Girl, 11, screams in terror and pleads 'No!' as she's held at gunpoint by police in disturbing footage

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This is the shocking moment an 11-year-old girl screamed in terror and pleaded "No!" as police officers held her at gunpoint and handcuffed her.

Police were searching for the youngster's aunt who was wanted for the attempted murder of her sister.

But instead of finding her, police ordered Honestie Hodges to leave her home and marched her into a police car in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

In the upsetting bodycam footage, Honestie screams: "No! No! No!"

Police tell her: "You’re not going to jail or anything, put your hands behind your back. "

They also tell her: "Stop yelling. You’re going to walk backwards to me, ok?

"You’re fine, you’re alright."

All the while, Honestie, clearly distressed, keeps crying and shouting "No!".

Honestie and two other women were detained.

The Grand Rapids Police Department said they detained the women and Honestie because officers had not determined if they were suspects.

None of the women were armed and were released.

Grand Rapids Police Department spokeswoman Cathy Williams said Honestie was handcuffed for two minutes and police patted her down to make sure she wasn’t carrying a weapon.

Honestie said: "I’m afraid to open or go near my back door because of what happened.

"It made me feel scared and it made me feel like I did something wrong."

She also said she previously wanted to be a police officer, but now she wants "nothing to do with it".

Police said in a statement: "The Grand Rapids Police Major Case Team is currently investigating an attempted murder stemming from the December 6th domestic-related stabbing in the 1300 block of Hamilton Av NW.

"Once onscene, officers determined that the suspect fled the residence still armed with the knife.

"Their investigation led to a second Westside Grand Rapids home where it was believed the suspect may have fled to.

"As officers were setting up a perimeter, three females simultaneously exited the home, two adults and one 11 year old juvenile.

"Until it could be determined that the individuals were not the suspect, nor armed with a weapon, the three were ordered back to officers and detained.

"The homeowner gave consent to search the home, and it was deemed that none of the three individuals that exited the home were the suspect officers were searching for nor was the suspect in the home.

"The females were subsequently released.

"Following a complaint filed on behalf of the 11 year old female, the Grand Rapids Police Department opened an internal investigation which is still ongoing."

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