Santa heroically comes to rescue of a woman who slipped on ice after screeching car to a halt

Posted by The King Slayer 2018 years ago in Cool videos
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This is the moment Santa came to the rescue when a woman took a nasty tumble on the pavement - banging her head and flinging her shopping across the road.

Luckily Father Christmas was driving past the scene in Watford and leapt out of his car to help - as dashcam footage showed.

The video shows the car in front skidding to a halt next to the woman who was lying on her back, unable to get up.

Despite the icy conditions he dashes across the road - just about managing to keep himself from falling too.

He tries to pick her up but she falls down again, unable to get a grip on the icy pavement.

But eventually he lifts her to her feet.

Luckily, apart from a few bruises, it appears the woman was fine as she grabbed her shopping trolley which had also toppled over in the process.

The man then picks up her shopping off the road and puts it back into the bag. He even manages to put the lady's woolly hat back on her head.

After this good deed this man will be on Santa's nice list for sure.

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