Road rage cyclist shoots fireworks from homemade rocket launcher to exact bizarre revenge on motorbikers

Posted by The King Slayer 1 year ago in WTF
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This is the moment an angry cyclist shot fireworks from a homemade rocket launcher in a bizarre revenge attack on two motorbikers.

The man shoves the fireworks in to the device which is strapped to his bike frame and then lights them, all while managing to still cycle down the road.

He then shoots them at the motorbike ahead of him, almost hitting the riders several times.

In the dangerous footage filmed on a camera strapped to the cyclist, you can see him travelling in the cycle lane before two passengers on a motorbike swerve in front of him.

Shouting at him in Italian, it appears they have an issue with the man on the bike as they then speed off ahead.

Becoming angry with the encounter, the cyclist bizarrely fishes out fireworks from his pocket and stuffs them into, what looks like, a cardboard tube positioned between the handlebars of his bike.

Setting them alright, the colourful sparklers shoot off into the distance just ahead of the people on the motorbike.

Exploding into a bright red fiery burst on the road it is lucky the duo did not get hit.

But the cyclist does not stop there.

Retrieving several more fireworks, he again puts them into his launcher releasing a flurry of shots after them, all while shouting in glee.

After a while it appears he manages to hit his target and the motorbike crashes in the near-empty road.

While one of the riders falls off, the other runs away on foot - but he is not fast enough for the man on the bike.

Catching up with him, the cyclist again launches more rockets directly at the man who tries his best to take cover.

The heart-stopping situation only seems to end when the man runs out of ammunition.

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