CRAFTY AF! IDF Forces Infiltrate Palestinian Rioters and Arrest the Ones with Weapons and Bombs

Posted by moku 1 year ago in War
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Undercover Israeli police officers infiltrated and broke up a violent Palestinian protest outside Ramallah on Wednesday. Video footage from the scene shows the operatives with their faces covered with masks, keffiyehs and, in one case, a Palestinian flag, worn as a hood. As hundreds of Palestinians threw rocks at IDF troops near the military checkpoint outside Rammallah, the undercover operatives suddenly burst into action, arresting a number of rioters and firing shots into the air, which sent the rest of the rioters running. “During the protest an undercover operation by the Israel Police’s Special Patrol Unit took place, and 3 rioters were arrested and handed over for questioning,” the army said in a tweet.

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